Gt Harwood and District Bowling League

Gt Harwood and District Bowling League

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League Rules


League Rules

1. The League shall be known as the Great Harwood & District Bowling League.

2. Management to be vested in a Committee comprising of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary, plus additional representatives.

3. All officers and committee members to be elected at the Annual General Meeting, at which every team will be allowed two delegates who may vote.

4. All games to be played under British Crown Green Bowling Association rules.

5. Eight players to comprise a team, two reserves allowed for each team.

6. All matches to be played on a home and away basis, as per fixture list.

7. All matches to be "21 up". In all matches the visitors shall commence the game. All matches played to a finish.

8. Individual opponents to be chosen by 'blind pairing'. The order of play shall be 1 - 8 as per the result card. All players must be present 30 MINUTES after the commencement of play.

9. Matches may only be postponed due to the unavailability of the green, on notification to the Secretary at least 48 hours prior to the date of the fixture. Where the condition of the green is in dispute due to the weather conditions when play is due to commence, the home captain will decide whether the match is played.

10. Where a match is postponed or suspended, it must be played or completed within 28 days of the original fixture. If the match is not completed within 28 days of the original fixture, each team will be deducted 5 points.

11. If play has commenced and the game is suspended through inclement weather, only the same teams as formerly selected will be allowed to play.

12. All uncompleted games to be played from where they left off.

13. With the exception of the Leonard Whittaker Cup competition, the total number of points decides the result of the match. One point to be given for each winner in a team, and two points for the best aggregate. If the aggregate is equal, each team takes one point. A total of 10 points per match.

14. "Standard Jacks" only to be used, which are to be supplied by the home team.

15. Home team to pay expenses where necessary.

16. In the case of a player or reserve being absent, the opposing player can claim 21 points.

17. Score cards to be posted after the game by the home captain. First class postage.

18. Any number of players may be registered for each team, but a minimum of 10 must be registered by 31st March. Any additional players may be registered up to 31st May.

19. Transfers of players will be allowed up to 31st May, subject to Committee approval.

20. A club which enters two or more teams may register 8 players for each team. The balance of players are available for either team, but once a "floater" has played in any one of the teams, Rule 19 applies.

21. All matches to commence by 7.00pm, with the exception of April, August, and September when, according to the light, matches should start no later than 6.30pm.

22. Visiting teams to have exclusive use of the green for practice for the 15 minutes immediately prior to the start of the game, and the home team the 15 minutes prior to that. Match blocks to be made available to both teams for practice. Captains may practise at any time.

23. Competitions are open to all registered players, with the exception of the Harold Blackburn Trophy, when the winner of any league competition during the previous year, will be excluded. All games to be 21 up.

24. Leonard Whittaker Cup - each round up to the semi-finals will be on a one match basis, each team having four players playing at home and four playing away. Total aggregate (inclusive of handicaps) to determine the winners. In the event of a tie, the number of individual winners applies. The semi-finals and final to be played on a neutral green.

25. Divisional Merit - The Merit Winner for each Division will be decided by the highest number of individual wins per player (League Matches only) then, if tied, by the player's 'for' and 'against' difference. Where a player is awarded a game 21 - 0 under B.C.G.B.A. Rules, or when his or her opponent is absent, then he or she will be awarded +11 towards his or her merit total.

26. All matters not covered by these rules to be decided by the Committee of Management.

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